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My mission  is to offer the highest quality of services to my guests, utilizing advanced levels of expertise, experience and education. I am fully committed to providing expertly crafted, innovative  and artistic services


My Story

I have been doing hair for over eight years. I have always had a passion for hair and I LOVE being a stylist! 

Talking with my clients and agreeing on a look that is completely their own and perfect for them is what I pride myself in.

During our consultation,  I listen to each of my client's individual needs.  Learning their daily routines and lifestyles, helps me determine the best possible style to suit their daily lives. 

My Vision

    Your hair should not only compliment your lifestyle, but also becomes the very focal point of your personal style. After all, nothing makes you feel more beautiful than a reliably fashionable and infinitely complimentary hair style. If you are looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place. Pili's Hair Studio  will give you the attention and personal service that you come to expect and enjoy.

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